What are the prices for food at the Exploratorium in San Francisco?


I live in San Francisco, California and I’m going to the Exploratorium tomorrow. I’m a little on the lazy side so I don’t want ot bring lunch. I need to know about how much money I should bring with me.

Does anyone have an idea on how much the menu is for the Exploratorium cafe?




take a twenty tht will do it for one

Jessica Queller

I don’t think the Exploratorium even has a cafe.

There are lots of little eateries in the Marina, though (on Chestnut St. or Lombard St.).

They’re not cheap, though.

If you don’t mind spending a little money, cross the street into the Presidio. In the Lucas Arts campus, there’s a restaurant called Pres a Vi that’s pretty good. It’s very close to the Exploratorium.


bring at least $ 10 maybe
everything there is soo overpriced!
small “gourmet” sandwiches cost almost $ 7! and theyre not very good
ice cream is around $ 3 (packaged ones)
drinks are probably over $ 2-$ 3

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