Where would be a good place to live in San Francisco if you wanted the following?


I’m planning a move to San Francisco in a couple of months. I’d love to live in a place that has the following:

-Close proximity to a number of vegan/vegetarian/organic restaurants. My fav place in the city is Cafe Gratitude so anywhere I can live close to a variety of places like that would be awesome.

-Close proximity to a good yoga studio or two. I’ve been spoiled living in Santa Monica as it’s the capital of good yoga. But I know SF has a lot of good stuff too.

-Close proximity to public transportation and ZipCar/FlexCar. Probably won’t have a car but will need to get back and forth from SFO/OAK and also down to the South Bay.

What do you think the best places would be for this?



the answer is within you

North Beach. walking distance to everwhere

tom c

SOMA, average rent $ 1500 for one bed room.


Since you’ve been to Cafe Gratitude (I love that place!), you know it’s in the north Mission district. There are some affordable places there, though you have to be careful of the section you live, safety-wise.

There are many yoga studios in the Mission.

You’d have easy access to BART and Muni. There are many Flex Car locations in the area as well.

A good second choice would be the Haight district, although the rents will be much higher.

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